Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy


Lincon Polymers Private Limited recognizes the critical role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in fostering sustainable development. We are committed to making a positive impact on the well-being and educational opportunities of communities we serve. This policy outlines our dedication to promoting initiatives that enhance health and education.


  1. To improve access to quality healthcare services for marginalized communities.
  2. To support educational initiatives that promote literacy, skill development, and lifelong learning.
  3. To collaborate with stakeholders to address health and educational challenges effectively.
  4. To implement internal programs that prioritize the well-being and professional development of employees.

Areas of Focus

  1. Healthcare Access:
    1. Partnering with healthcare providers and NGOs to establish and maintain healthcare facilities in underserved areas.
    2. Supporting medical camps and health screenings for early detection and prevention of diseases.
    3. Contributing to the training and capacity-building of healthcare professionals serving in remote or disadvantaged regions.
  2. Preventive Healthcare:
    1. Funding programs that raise awareness about preventive measures such as vaccinations, hygiene practices, and healthy lifestyles.
    2. Supporting initiatives aimed at combating prevalent health issues through community-based interventions and educational campaigns.
  3. Education Enhancement:
    1. Supporting initiatives that improve access to quality education, including scholarships, infrastructure development, and educational technology.
    2. Promoting literacy and numeracy through programs targeting children, youth, and adults in underserved communities.
    3. Partnering with educational institutions and organizations to enhance vocational training and skill development opportunities.


  • Allocate a dedicated budget for CSR initiatives focusing on health and education.
  • Establish a CSR committee responsible for identifying, evaluating, and implementing initiatives in these areas.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of CSR initiatives on health outcomes, educational attainment, and community well-being.
  • Cultivate partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, NGOs, and community organizations.

Reporting and Transparency

  • Publish annual CSR reports detailing the activities, outcomes, and impact of health and education-related initiatives.
  • Ensure transparency in communication regarding CSR efforts through various channels, including the company website, social media, and stakeholder engagements.

Continual Improvement

  • Solicit feedback from stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and innovation in health and education-focused CSR initiatives.
  • Continuously review and update the CSR policy to align with emerging needs and best practices in health and education.


Lincon Polymers Private Limited is committed to leveraging its resources, expertise, and influence to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on health and education. Through strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and a steadfast dedication to corporate social responsibility, we aim to empower individuals and communities to lead healthier, more prosperous lives.

Certification of Honor

Donation to CM Relief Fund during Pandemic time of Covid-19 in the Year 2020