Welcome to our sustainable energy and resource management page! At our facility, we take great pride in our commitment to renewable energy and responsible resource usage.

Our solar panels and wind turbine generate an impressive 1.65 and 3.85 megawatts of power, respectively. Together, they allow us to produce 15 million units of electricity per year, which accounts for an impressive 70% of our total energy requirements.

In addition to our energy-efficient practices, we also prioritize responsible water management. We recycle 100% of our wastewater using an in-house water recycling plant with a capacity of 80 KLD. This recycled water is then used for various purposes within our facility, further reducing our water usage and waste output.

We believe in taking proactive steps towards creating a more sustainable future, and our commitment to renewable energy and responsible resource management reflects this belief. Thank you for considering us as your partner in promoting sustainability.

A responsible corporate, committed to a clean and green environment

Solar Power
captive generation
Wind Power
captive generation
Renewable Power
generated per annum
70 %
Green Energy
of our total energy requirements
100 %
Waste Water
recycles in-house
Recycling Plant
reprocesses in-house plastic waste