As a responsible corporate entity, sustainability is a core value that we hold dear at our facility. We are proud of our unwavering commitment to renewable energy and responsible resource management, and we are delighted to share our efforts on this page.

Our solar panels and wind turbine are capable of generating an impressive 1.65 and 3.85 megawatts of power, respectively. Together, they enable us to produce a substantial 15 million units of electricity annually, accounting for a remarkable 70% of our total energy requirements.

Beyond our energy-efficient practices, we also prioritize responsible water management. Our in-house water recycling plant has a capacity of 80 KLD and allows us to recycle 100% of our wastewater. The recycled water is then utilized for various purposes within our facility, further reducing our water consumption and waste generation.

We are dedicated to taking proactive steps towards creating a more sustainable future. Our unwavering commitment to renewable energy and responsible resource management is a testament to this vision.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration in partnering with us to promote sustainability. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our planet's well-being.

A responsible corporate, committed to a clean and green environment

Solar Power
captive generation
Wind Power
captive generation
Renewable Power
generated per annum
70 %
Green Energy
of our total energy requirements
100 %
Waste Water
recycles in-house
Recycling Plant
reprocesses in-house plastic waste