Nowadays, packing bags are used not only to store products and make them easier to handle but also to increase brand awareness. The right packaging bag not only protects your product against harsh weather but also serves as a powerful tool for spreading your brand's message to potential customers, propelling your business to new heights.

One standout innovation in the packaging industry is the AD-STAR Block Bottom Valve Bag. Recent studies show that the global bottom bag packaging industry is expected to grow by 4.4%, reaching $1.9 billion from 2024 to 2032.

So, without further ado, let’s embrace the current packaging trends and give a block bottom valve bag a hit shot by learning in depth. Read on to know more!

What is a Block Bottom Valve Bag?

Here are the basics. The block bottom valve bag, often referred to as the AD-STAR bag, is a type of packaging that incorporates a block bottom design and comes with a valve style.

The block bottom provides the bag with a stable base that allows it to stand upright, facilitating easy filling and enhancing stacking stability. On the other hand, the valve style of the block bottom bag refers to the valve that can be positioned at the top or bottom of the bag used for filling and sealing the bag.

Block bottom bags are created using coated or BOPP film laminated polypropylene fabric and can be made as a valve or open-mouth sacks in one or two-layer designs. The manufacturing process typically involves weaving them into the tubular fabric, laminating it, cutting it, and finally converting it into the finished bag.

To ensure the creation of top-notch bags that can withstand product-packaging challenges, the leading manufacturers and suppliers of block bottom bags like Lincon Polymers Private Limited rely on the AD-STAR machine from Starlinger. It is specially designed for the manufacturing of Block Bottom Open Mouth & Valve Bags.

What are the Benefits of Bottom Valve Bags?

The following are the impressive features & benefits of block bottom valve bags that make them stand out from other packaging bags in industries.

Efficient Filling Process

One of the key benefits of block bottom bags. Block bottom valve bags are designed for quick and efficient filling, particularly when using automated filling equipment. The valve at the bottom enables a smooth and controlled filling process, reducing the likelihood of spills or product waste.

Space Saver & Ease Handling

These bags are compact and stackable, maximizing storage space in warehouses or during transportation. Their uniform shape and stability make them ideal for palletizing and easy handling. So go ahead, pack 'em in tight and make the most of your storage space.

Versatility at Its Best

Whether you're dealing with powders or granules, bottom valve bags have got you covered. They're like the chameleons of packaging, adapting to whatever you need to store or transport. Block bottom bags are highly recommended for flour and cement packaging purposes.

Limitless Printing Possibilities

Block bottom bags also open up new printing options, such as incorporating intricate logos, artwork, and photographic prints, in addition to conventional flexography printing. This is one of the main benefits of block bottom bags. These types of packaging bags enable you to create aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable packaging solutions that complement your marketing tactics. Lincon Polymers Private Limited has you covered for custom packaging solutions.

Improved Freshness & Quality of Product

Standard quality block bottom featuring valve bags ensure your product is safe from any dust and other contaminants. With an air-tight valve closure style of the packaging bag, the content inside will maintain its freshness quality and integrity for a long period of time.

Sustainable Brand Image

Block bottom bags are often considered a sustainable packaging alternative because of their environmental positive impacts. As these can be reusable and recyclable, the use of block bottom bags supports a sustainable brand image by showcasing a brand's commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Last Minute Pack-up

Are you looking for bags that are sturdy in nature, keep your inside content fresh, and protect them from potential harm, all while providing additional business benefits? Lincon Polymers Private Limited has got you covered. Lincon Polymers Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of BOPP packaging bags in India.

Whether you require a PP woven bag for food packaging purposes or a PP bag, a paper/polly bag, or a block bottom bag with an open mouth or valve, we will supply you with a customized solution that fits all the packaging needs in one bag. For further information, please contact us!