Confused between both woven vs non-woven polypropylene bags? Well, you are not alone, our clients also ask the same. If you're new to the packaging industry and searching for the perfect packaging bag, PP bags have surely come to mind. Polypropylene bags are one of the widely used packaging solutions in B2B businesses.

According to recent studies, from 2024 to 2031- the Polypropylene Woven Bags market is expected to grow at a significant rate, driven by several factors, such as technological advancements, rising demand, and favorable government policies.

As a leading PP woven bag manufacturer in South Asia, we are here to help you understand the key differences between woven and non-woven PP bags. So, without further delay, let’s read on and make a well-informed choice for your business.

The Definition of Woven vs Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

To gain a comprehensive knowledge of the difference between woven and non-woven polypropylene bags, start with the basics. In packaging bags, PP stands for Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer. PP woven and non-woven are two distinct types of PP bags that are made with PP polymers as their main ingredient. The manufacturing technique varies according to the type of PP bag, such as BOPP, PP woven, Paper & Poly, and so on.

Woven polypropylene bags are crafted from polypropylene fabric created by weaving together polypropylene tapes or strips. This weaving process involves intertwining these tapes in a crisscross pattern, resulting in a durable and robust material.

On the other hand, Non-woven polypropylene bags are constructed from PP fibres, unlike PP woven bags. The process of manufacturing non-woven pp bags involves the heat-pressing or chemical bonding method, in which polypropylene fabrics are bonded together by randomly arranging and fusing to create a cohesive sheet of material at the end.

An Impressive Benefits of Woven vs Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

The following are the benefits of woven and non-woven PP bags that cater to various packaging needs. So, let’s checkmark which benefits your packaging needs found grateful to make the right purchase.

Benefits of PP Woven Bags:

→ High tensile strength

→ Protecting contents from moisture

→ Excellent printing quality

→ Limitless customization options

→ Reduce environmental impact

Benefits of PP Non-Woven Bags:

→ Lightweight and easy to handle

→ Versatile applications

→ Smooth experience

→ Toxic-free

→ Low environmental impact

Diverse Uses of Woven vs Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

Due to their impressive benefits, woven and non-woven polypropylene bags are widely adopted as packaging solutions across various industries. Here's a closer look at their diverse uses:

Uses of PP Woven Bags

Food packaging bags

→ Construction or sandbags

→ Bulk-packaging bags

→ Promotional bags

→ Chemical packaging purposes

Uses of PP Non-Woven Bags

→ Shopping bags

→ Household product bags

→ Travel bags

→ General storage bags

→ Clothing & apparel bags

A Synopsis of the Differences Between PP Woven and PP Bags:

In the following table, you will be able to understand the key differences between PP woven and non-woven PP bags, choosing a bag that meets your packaging needs.


PP Woven Bags

PP Non-Woven Bags


Woven polypropylene fabric

Non-woven polypropylene fibers


High tensile strength, durable

Moderate strength, less durable

Production Process

Extrusion and weaving

Fiber bonding via heat-pressing


Textured surface

Smooth surface

Water Resistance

Highly water-resistant

Limited water resistance

Printing Quality

Excellent printing capabilities

Variable printing quality


Highly reusable

Reusable; less durable with frequent use

Environmental Impact

Recyclable, may require special facilities

Recyclable, considered more eco-friendly

Cost Efficiency

Higher cost due to production complexity

More cost-effective, suitable for budgets


Varied colours and designs

Limited customization options

Bearing Capacity

Suitable for heavy loads

Less suitable for heavy loads

PP Woven VS PP Bags: Find the Right Packaging Solution!

Do you need a more specific idea? Set your priorities based on your packaging requirements; the priorities listed below will assist you in finding the right packaging solution.

Choose PP Woven Bags If…

→ Sustainable brand image is your first concern.

→ Require functionality and aesthetic elements in one bag.

→ You need heavy-duty packaging.

→ Water and moisture resistance is crucial.

→ You can set a higher budget.

Choose PP Non-Woven Bags if…

→ You need lightweight and portable packaging solutions.

→ Short-term use is sufficient.

→ You are looking for affordable solutions

→ You prioritize one bag for versatile purposes

It’s a Pack-up Time!

So, do you prefer a PP woven bag or a non-woven PP bag? Whatever it is, Lincon Polymers has you wrapped with a wide range of packing bags. Lincon Polymers, India's best PP woven bag manufacturer, has cutting-edge printing machines capable of printing up to eight colours, resulting in customer-centric bags in a variety of patterns and prints. Thus, without delay, let's talk about your unique packaging requirements.